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The purge of fake Instagram followers

Yesterday Instagram users woke up to a big shock. Millions of fake accounts were removed from the service, dramatically depleting some users followers. All in all, celebrity accounts seem to be the ones most affected by the rapid purge of fake accounts; Justin Bieber lost a huge chunk of followers, reported at 3.5 million (not such a loss if you ask me…)! Instagram has lost the most followers, with 19 million fans disappearing into nowhere: and many users have turned to leaving fiery and enraged comments on the accounts pictures

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4 useful apps for business


Technology is the way forward and is also becoming an integral part of business. Of course, as time passes and technology evolves, we are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way we market ourselves: from websites, to responsive design, mobile sites and now… apps. Apps are rapidly making their way into everyday life, so why not utilize some of these fantastic apps for your business? I have compiled some of the best apps that I think might be useful. LinkedIn LinkedIn has a great website and the app reflects

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Successful e-commerce requires a focused and visually appealing website that potential customers feel they can trust. MAXX recently had the opportunity to design and build a brand new e-commerce website for Barjo, a well established and trusted Berkshire-based company that tailor makes bespoke kennels and guards to fit perfectly in nearly every make of car available in the UK market.   Before the website was built, MAXX worked closely with the company to create a new logo that represented the strength of the product and celebrated the quality of the

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