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Successful e-commerce requires a focused and visually appealing website that potential customers feel they can trust. MAXX recently had the opportunity to design and build a brand new e-commerce website for Barjo, a well established and trusted Berkshire-based company that tailor makes bespoke kennels and guards to fit perfectly in nearly every make of car available in the UK market.   Before the website was built, MAXX worked closely with the company to create a new logo that represented the strength of the product and celebrated the quality of the

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The do’s and don’t’s of your about section


Have you ever spared a thought about how important the wording in your ‘about us’ section is on your website? More to the point, have you ever looked at someone else’s ‘about us’ section and been sold on the spot or immediately put off? It’s surprising how the right or wrong mix of words can sway our decision making. There are some things which have simply been said too many times, that are clichéd, predictable or overdone.   One of the main things to remember when writing your about us

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Back to Fonts

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As technology continues to grow and the editing of images becomes easier, designs of websites or other marketing materials have become focused on images. What many are forgetting is that the text on a design is part of the visuals, the simple decision of what font to use for your copy can make a huge difference to how the finished product looks. We need to go back to fonts and take a look at how important they can be.   Digitally, there are very few fonts that are “safe” to

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5 tips to make your website win business

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How do you create a website that packs a punch and generates interest? There are some tips and tricks that never get old – and MAXX is about to share some with you…   1.)   Great Design We have long moved past the days of the web hosted business card, and we have long moved past the days of words on a page with the odd flashing logo. The world of web has become so competitive now, it is unwise for your website to look anything other than fabulous. If your

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